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About Klay

Integrated technology has never been more vital to the events industry.

At Klay, we’re proud to offer solutions that resonate with our commitment to lead in the space and serve our events community with passion and integrity.

We are market leaders in Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Event Design & Technical Production.

We are specialists in a range of Contactless Registration Technologies and Contactless Onsite Applications such as Lead Capture and Session Tracking.

Our solutions are ready to be deployed cost effectively and efficiently, worldwide from our strategic locations in the world’s leading event cities.

With more than 25 award winning years in the events industry servicing, corporate, government, special events and the not for profit sector, you can partner with Klay to deliver your event objectives with confidence.

We are harmonising Event Technology

London - Amsterdam - Geneva - Dubai - Los Angeles - Miami - New York - Sao Paulo - Singapore

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We are harmonising Event Technology

" Klay provided outstanding support and customer service to ensure that one of our Annual meetings was transferred online from a face to face event and they completed the project with all delegates, speakers and officers feeling that they had attended a brilliant event "
Kavita Prashar

Virtual & Hybrid




We are harmonising Event Technology

" It was great to work with Pablo, he was calm and professional. He solved the technical issues we were having and helped the day run more smoothly. Couldn’t have ran the course without him! "
Elizabeth Andrade

Event Design
& Production




We are harmonising Event Technology

" Absolutely brilliant, throughout all the workup and rehearsals, as well as on the day. The meeting just would not have been possible in that form without Klay. We appreciate your amazing hard work. "
Sue Fullilove


We partner with the world's leading platform providers
to deliver tailored successes for your specific requirements.




We are harmonising Event Technology.
We are Klay.


At Klay, we believe our purpose is to empower and support our clients in communicating their messages to their chosen audience.

We leverage leading event technologies and decades of events and communications experience to help them deliver their messages and experiences in the most professional and compelling ways possible.

We recognise that our clients are working with a diverse range of resources and often the most vital messages for us all need to be delivered by our clients that are working with great limitations in this area.

Klay360 is the vehicle that allows us to support those clients that are enriching society and the world around us and create even deeper value from our activities.


We have clear and simple eligibility criteria and structured pricing in place to streamline this support process and we warmly invite not-for-profits of all types to connect with us and discuss how we can assist you.


We offer structured discounts for entrepreneurs facing systematic barriers to business success.

Please email us directly to discuss your specific situation and we will be very happy to support you.

We are committed to creating an inclusive economy that supports and offers opportunities to all. Historically, minority entrepreneurs have been excluded from the mechanisms that allow their business to commence and prosper, we hope to help in reducing those barriers.

We are Klay.